High Performance program

The mens high performance program is aimed at developing cricketers who can play at national level. Cricketers from all over Canada came together in the summer of 2016 to attend an HP camp under the direction of Zubin Bharucha, Director of Cricket Canada HP Academy. Zubin is leading Cricket Canada’s team re-building efforts and setting up of National and Regional HP programs.

Zubin Bharucha is associated with Institute of Sports, Nagpur India. He is the former coach of Rajasthan Royals, the team that won in the first season of the IPL T20. He recently provided the coaching help to New Delhi Dare Devils. Zubin has written many coaching materials for cricket organisations such as the ECB.

Cricket Canada has known Zubin for many years for his association with World Cricket Academy (WCA), Nagpur, India. WCA was Cricket Canada’s host for its much talked about tour of India in before the 2011 CWC. Many of Cricket Canada’s players that had the opportunity to train with Zubin consider him the best coach that they ever come across. Cricket Canada considers the endorsement very valuable along with the vast knowledge and techniques that Zubin has developed in order to work with the talent.

Zubin with the active involvement of local coaches will evaluate and create individual training programs for players in the National Team pool, HP Pool (U23’s) and Development Pool (U 17’s). Part of the training program also includes “Coaching of the Coaches”. Cricket Canada intends to pursue the creation of the regional HP academies that will work in close relationship with the national academy.

HP XI v Bermuda, September 2017