Cricket in Canada

No one will tell you that organising a minority sport in a country as large as Canada is an easy task. And when the ambition is as great as the passion and talent that we possess, we realise that the task is not just one of opportunity, but also responsibility.

Cricket Canada’s membership includes members from ten member Provinces from Newfoundland and Labrador in the east, to British Colombia in the west. .

RCAF ground, St. John’s NL

Brockton Park ,Vancouver, BC

To govern, develop and promote cricket across all regions of Canada

North America has the largest online cricket audience in the world. Canada matches the U.S. for players with just 10% of the population .Sports participation in Canada is declining, yet cricket is on the rise
In 2007, ESPN acquired Cricinfo, the world’s most popular cricket website
North America is seen as ‘the next big cricket market’. Canada possesses the audience, players, vision and demographics to capitalize

Cricket was once Canada’s official national sport, as declared by Sir John A. Macdonald, Canada’s first Prime Minister. Cricket has been played in Canada since 1745 (50 years before the first modern Olympics). The world’s first international sporting fixture took place in Montreal, 1844 – a cricket match between Canada and the United States. In 1886, the now legendary West Indies cricket team made its first overseas tour to Canada, playing in Montreal, Ottawa, Toronto, and Hamilton. From the 1880s – 1930’s Canada was a regular tour destination for many of the world’s best teams, including England and Australia. Australia came to Canada in 1974 and played Ontario in Toronto . . . and lost!

Cricket First Recorded in Canada
Cricket was first recorded in 1785 at Ile-Ste-Helene in Montreal, Quebec

Oldest Cricket Club in Canada
The oldest cricket club in Canada is the Toronto Cricket Club which was founded in 1827.

Canada in The World Cup
Canada has appeared in the World Cup on four occasions, in England in 1979 and South Africa in 2003, the West Indies in 2007, and the South Asian Subcontinent in 2011.

Canada has registered two wins in the Cricket World Cup, defeating Bangladesh in 2003, and Kenya in 2011.

John Davison & Ashish Bagai have appeared together in three World Cups; South Africa 2003, The West Indies 2007, and South Asia 2011.

Canada has also appeared in five Under-19 World Cups (New Zealand 2002, Bangladesh 2004, New Zealand 2010, UAE 2014 and Bangladesh 2016) and has qualified for the 2018 edition.