Cricket Canada shares outcome of Sport Dispute Resolution Centre of Canada decision
March 20, 2017

Dear members of the Cricket Canada community;

Cricket Canada today announced that it will be reviewing their legal options regarding the Sport Dispute Resolution Centre of Canada’s (SDRCC) findings in the matter pertaining to the election of their Board of Directors last May 2016.

We are surprised by the SDRCC decision as we can see no legal evidence for the panel’s decision.

In the spirit of transparency and full disclosure, we are sharing the orders from the SDRCC. They are as follows:

·         New elections for all positions on the Cricket Canada Board of Directors, including the position of President, shall be held as soon as practicable;

·         The elections shall be open to the general public and conducted in a fair manner;

·         The details of the elections and of the election process shall be announced well in advance of the elections by means of the Cricket Canada website, Facebook, Twitter and/or other social media or other means;

·         Mr. Azhar Khan shall be recognized as the President of the Saskatchewan Cricket Association with respect to the elections unless his presidency ends before that time;

·         Any person having a role in the selection of the members of the Nomination Committee shall be prohibited from running in the elections;

·         Any Provincial Director, or any other person with voting rights by virtue of their position, who intends to run in the elections must resign from his or her position before the elections are held;

·         Considering the parties have indicated that new elections must be held before June 30, 2017, a period of only three months or less from the date of this award, the members of the Board of Directors who were elected on May 19, 2016 will be permitted to remain in place and fulfill their functions until the holding of the new elections;

·         All necessary amendments to the bylaws shall be made to meet complete compliance with the Not-for-profit Corporations Act and with the findings of this award;

·         Any offer, suggestion or promise of a benefit by a person running in the elections to a voter is prohibited.

While it is reviewing its legal options, Cricket Canada will respect the SDRCC decision and will begin to investigate how best to proceed with a new election of the organization’s Board of Directors. More information will be shared with Cricket Canada’s membership as the Board receives information. For more information, please contact Ranjit Saini by email


Yours sincerely,

Ranjit Saini, President of Cricket Canada