ICC Americas U17 Match Play Tournament Day 1 Bda v USA Results, 18 Aug 2014

USA 195 beat Bermuda 159 by 36 runs
August 20, 2014

Hamilton, Bermuda, Monday, August 18 – USA started their campaign in the ICC U17 tournament with a 36 run victory over Bermuda at the National Sports Centre. Bermuda’s captain Alex Dore won the toss this morning and elected to field. This tactic initially was rewarded with good bowling and fielding. A great throw from Chare Smith to run out Sharma and a spectacular catch by Delray Rawlins off Cameron Jeffers left USA struggling at 50-4 and then 97-6. The USA team finally found a partnership (93) of substance between Kushai Ganji and Novendra Boodhoo which allowed them to post a total of 195 all out in the 48th over.

Bermuda’s innings suffered from the regular falling of wickets as all USA bowlers found success. Ndhusha Rao was the standout bowler, his right arm seam 4 wickets for 27 off his 7 overs. At 53-8 Bermuda were bolstered by an 80 run partnership between Chare Smith and Delray RawlinsDelray Rawlins completed his fifty and was last man out for a well-played 79 runs.

Tomorrow Canada commences their campaign playing USA at National Sports Centre at 10.30am. Bermuda will have a training session at Devonshire Recreation Club.


Sagar Patel       b Jordan Smith 20

Arjun Patel  c Antoine Seaman  b Delray Rawlins 14

Gauranshu Sharma Run Out    0

Mohak Buch  c Antoine Seaman   b Delray Rawlins   6

Kushai Ganji c Jordan Smith      b ChareSmith 79

Jash Patel c Delray Rawlins   b Cameron Jeffers 16

Chetram Persaud c Nzari Paynter     b Christian Gibbons   6

Novendra Boodhoo  c Micah Simons     b Christian Gibbons 28

Sheham Perara Run Out    4

Keifer Phill LBW      b ChareSmith    0

Nahusha Rao Not Out    0


Extras (8b-10w-4nb) 22

Total (48.2 overs)  195


Chare Smith 6.2-0-24-2
Jordan Smith    7-1-16-1
Micah Simons  10-0-34-0
Delray Rawlins    7-2-24-2
Cameron Jeffers    4-0-16-1
Christian Gibbons  6-0-25-2
Nzari Paynter  3-0-24-0
San’j Dill  4-0-24-0



Alex Dore  LBW           b KeiferPhill   6

Nzari Paynter   c & b            bNdhusha Rao 12

Shakeal Outerbridge c Chetram Persaud       b JashPatel   6

Amari Ebbin c Shehan Perara            bMohak Buch 12

San’j Dill  RUN  OUT   1

Delray Rawlins            b KeiferPhill 79

Jordan Smith         b NdhushaRao   1

Antoine Seaman  LBW           b NdhushaRao   0

Christian Gibbons  c Chetram Persaud      bNdhusha Rao   0

Chare Smith  c Mihir Athanvace   b KushaiGanji 15

Cameron Jeffers  NOT         OUT   1

Extras (5b-2lb-15w-4nb) 26

Total (41.1 overs)           159


Fall of Wickets: 1-9 (Dore), 2-17 (Outerbridge), 3-30 (Paynter), 4-32 (Dill), 5-50 (Ebbin), 6-52 (Jordan Smith), 7-53 (Seaman), 8-53 (Gibbons), 9-133 (Chare Smith), 10-159 (Rawlins)

Keifer Phill 8.1-2-19-2

Jash Patel 9.0-0-27-1

Mahir Athanvace 4.0-0-25-1

Ndhusha Rao 7.0-2-27-4

Mohak Buch 6.0-1-18-1

Chetram Persaud 4.0-0-28-0

Kushai Ganji 3.0-0-14-1