Tue, 06/28/2016

Cricket Canada is pleased to announce the appointment of veteran Zubin Bharucha as Director of Cricket Canada HP Academy. Zubin will lead Cricket Canada's team re-building efforts and setting up of National and Regional HP programs. 

Zubin Bharucha is associated with Institute of Sports, Nagpur India. He is the former coach of Rajasthan Royals, the team that won in the first season of the IPL T20. He recently provided the coaching help to New Delhi Dare Devils.  Zubin has written many coaching materials for cricket organisations such as ECB.

Zubin was the person behind the coaching program for the players in the reality show “Cricket Star” a few years ago. Raw talent from rural areas of India was scouted, trained and then put to compete against Lancashire from England. The Cricket Star team played brilliantly and won.

Cricket Canada has known Zubin for many years for his association with World Cricket Academy (WCA), Nagpur, India.  WCA was Cricket Canada's host for its much talked about tour of India in before the 2011 CWC. Many of Cricket Canada's players that had the opportunity to train with Zubin consider him the best coach that they ever come across. Cricket Canada considers the endorsement very valuable along with the vast knowledge and techniques that Zubin has developed in order to work with the talent. 

Zubin with the active involvement of local coaches will evaluate and create individual training programs for players in the National Team pool, HP Pool (U23’s) and Development Pool (U 17’s). Part of the training program also includes “Coaching of the Coaches”.  Cricket Canada intends to pursue the creation of the regional HP academies that will work in close relationship with the national academy.

Romi Bhinder, the director of Institute of Sports is excited to begin and be part of the Cricket Excellence program of Cricket Canada. While speaking from Nagpur he said…. “This will be Cricket Star Canada…that will begin a new era of cricket in Canada.

Ranjit Saini, president of Cricket Canada is thrilled with the possibilities that are beginning to come into reality.  He thanked the BOD for its support and said… “ It has been in the making for few months now… we have involved senior former players as selectors in the talent search process. Selectors have put together a sizeable list of the new talent that want to be part of this mission… and now the best possible coaching help has been made available. In the very near future, competitive tournaments will be made available against foreign teams… this is all coming together and we will be back where we belong…“  

Tue, 06/21/2016

Cricket Canada is taking steps towards long-term investment in committed cricketers.

Cricket Canada HP Academy is pleased to request nominations for its ongoing search for talented players to be part of the Cricket Canada  HP Academy to strengthen the level of competition at the local level and be part of the national teams.


General Requirements:


The ideal applicant has been a permanent resident of Canada for 4 years or more. However we will consider other applicants as well for the long term objectives of having a strong pool of future players that are eligible to play for Canada. Above enrage fitness standards are either already there or there is a commitment to work towards it.


Applicant must be willing to join a full time academy camp towards the end of the July to early August 2016 for 2 week period in Toronto. Athletes will train regularly and will be monitored and given indivisual traning plans. 


Cricket Canada is in the process of engaging a leading and globally known coach as Director of Cricket Canada HP Academy. The announcement will be made shortly. As soon arrangements have been completed.


Only the committed and those who share the vision of representing Cricket Canada and making a positive difference should apply.


Please apply for one of the 2 categories. Please enter the name of the pool in the subject line of the email. 


High Performance Pool:

Applicants are born on or before 1st September 1998

Applicants shouldn’t have represented Cricket Canada in the past.


Development Pool

Applicant born on or after 2nd Sep 1998

Applicants shouldn’t have represented Cricket Canada in the past.


Deadline for Submission July 1st 2016.


Please note the following:

·         Those that make the HP-Pool program will be enrolled into the Cricket Canada Academy.

·         On completion of the program, candidates will be nominated to represent Canada U19 or Senior Team.

·         National teams are selected from the best players available at that time. There is no guarantee that everyone from HP Academy will make the team.

·         All candidates are required to fulfil the Academy achievement program.

The Details & logistics of the 2nd HP tryouts will be presented in the Cricket Canada Website.

Please provide


1.       Full name of the player:

2.       Age of player ( yyyy-mm-dd)

3.       Player type (e.g.) opener LH batsman. Right Arm off Spinner etc.

4.       Name of the league & Club

5.       Number of years of Canadian Residency/PR/Citizen

6.       Contact, phone, email of player  

7.       Reason’s for the nomination (Accomplishments, statistics, Coaches Notes, Video Clips. Etc…)

Please forward the nomination by July 1st 2016 to:

Philip Navaratne,

Secretary HP Program & Selection,

Cricket Canada

Email: PhilipNavaratne@cricketcanada.org

Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Tue, 06/07/2016

Eastern Womens Championship!!

Canadian Women’s Cricket is back on track in Ontario!

Cricket Council of Ontario is pleased to invite all women cricket players for Team Ontario selections that will be held at Iceland Cricket Ground in Mississauga on Friday June 10th, 6-8 PM.

Ground Address: 616 Driftcurrent Dr, Mississauga, ON L4Z 3Y8

Trials and practices will be run by reputable coaches Farooq Kirmani, Zubin Surkari and Shah Zafar.

It is time to step forward and grab the opportunity to represent Ontario at the Cricket Canada Eastern Championship to be held on July 1st and 2nd long weekend. The tournament includes 1-40 over game and 2-T20 games!

Players must attend the tryout to be considered for Team Ontario to play in Eastern Championship as well as the National team picked to represent this summer against MCC from England!

To register please visit:  cricketcouncilofontario.ca/registration/

Registration verification will start at 5:30 PM, All registered players are advised to report at the ground and confirm their Eligibility criteria:

1. A permanent resident of Province of Ontario

2 Wear Colour clothing as white balls will be used.


Tue, 05/24/2016

Provincial Members, Board of Directors, Players and supporters of Cricket Canada

Subject: Vimal Hardat, Amit Joshi and Sentill Selvamani

On behalf of Cricket Canada I wish to thank the outgoing members of Board of Directors of Cricket Canada for their service to the sport of Cricket in Canada. It takes commitment and personal sacrifices to put the name forward and share personal time and resources as volunteers.  

Both Vimal and Amit have played pivotal roles to our continued existence as one united organisation. They contributed significantly and provided the much needed leadership in dealing with the organisational challenges since 2009. Had it not been for their unflinching support, Cricket Canada would have easily slipped into very un-pleasant organisational difficulties similar to what is present elsewhere in another organisation nearby. 

Vimal Hardat has been a central figure who helped maintain continuity and establish financial stability of Cricket Canada. He provided the leadership to put Cricket Canada in a sound financial state.  Cricket Canada is on sound footing to re-build and create opportunities for our players to be able to compete at the highest level. 

Cricket Canada is blessed for having Sentill Selvamani join us as a board member and deal with strategic planning. The level of professionalism and sincerity brought forward was immensely appreciated by everyone who came into contact with him.

We seeks their continued support and participation in creating a “Vibrant Cricket Canada” Cricket Canada family wishes all of them well in their personal endeavours.

(Ranjit Saini)

President Cricket Canada

On behalf of Board f Directors


Fri, 05/20/2016

The Cricket Canada election postponed for 60 days from March 20th was held as scheduled on May 19th, 2016. The positions contested were President, Vice President, Secretary and Director at Large (2). At the completion of the elections the results are as follows; Ranjit Saini - President, Rashpal Bajwa - Vice President, Zafar Khan - Secretary, Manzoor Chaudhary & Mohammed Shaikh - Directors at Large.

The rest of the BOD includes Charles - Pais Treasurer and Mike Sharma - Director at Large.


Tue, 05/17/2016

Cricket Canada is announcing the list of nominated candidates for the election to its BOD.

At the 2016 Cricket Canada AGM it was unanimously agreed by the directors to postpone the general elections that were to happen on Sunday March 20th; to be deferred for another 60 days. The decision was taken to maintain the transparency and communication in the election process to make it a seamless transition for all stakeholders. The elections will now take place on May 19, 2016.

The list of candidates include:


  • Amit Joshi
  • Praim Persaud
  • Bilal Syed
  • Ranjit Saini


Vice President

  • Rashpal Bajwa
  • Bilal Syed



  • Zafar Khan
  • Bilal Syed


Directors (2)

  • Shah Zafar
  • Ranjit Chaudhri
  • Manzoor Chaudhary
  • Melvin John
  • Mohammed Shaikh
  • Salman Nazeer


Mon, 05/02/2016

Cricket Canada family & friends were saddened to hear about loss of Johnny Bujan (former Team Canada Manager). Johnny was an integral part of Cricket Canada national tours, who kept the team together often going beyond his duties and will be remembered as a great team player. 

Johnny worked tirelessly for Cricket in Toronto and was not only a passionate cricket fan, but was a good friend to all. With our deepest and heartfelt condolences to his family....RIP Johnny.

Thu, 04/28/2016

After a resounding success of the Toronto Camp, Cricket Canada selectors will be on a trip to Vancouver and Winnipeg to review applicants from BC and Manitoba.  Both camps will be held on the coming weekend to hold the 2nd phase of HP Talent Search camps.

All participants are required to arrive on time and be ready for the camp in proper indoor cricket prior to the start time of the camp.  Refreshments and water will be provided.

Vancouver camp is scheduled to held at


The Ballyard of Sport Central

2611 Viscount Way, Richmond, BC V6V 2G8

Date: 29 April 2016 Time 6 PM to 9 PM

Phone: (778) 871-9218



The Winnipeg Camp will take place at:


Home Run Training Center

905 King Edward Street, Winnipeg

Saturday April 30, 3:30 - 6:30PM

Phone: (204) 783-6734


2nd Ontario Camp

A second Ontario camp is being scheduled to review applicants who may have missed the opportunity to register earlier. Please note that only CCO recommended or Former national player recommended applicants are eligible for the 2nd round.  Please contact your respective, clubs, leagues and CCO for registrations. The date of the camp and venue will be announced next week.     


HP Scouting Process:

 The selectors are also scheduled to meet in Vancouver and discuss a formalised scouting system for future admissions to Cricket Canada HP Academy System. Cricket Canada intends to set standards for admission at various levels and appoint scouts nationwide to review and nominate players. More details to follow. 

Fri, 04/08/2016

At the 2016 Cricket Canada AGM it was unanimously agreed by the directors to postpone the general elections that were to happen on Sunday March 20th; to be deferred for another 60 days. The decision was taken to maintain the transparency and communication in the election process to make it a seamless transition for all stakeholders. The elections will now take place on May 19, 2016.

"This is part of a continual process to enhance Cricket Canada's governance and administrative policies"

To facilitate the process, Cricket Canada has established a nominations committee of Dave Liverman, Kantilal Patel and Ingleton Liburd (Coordinator). Persons interested in being nominated for any of the available positions should submit their nomination to the committee.

Nomination – Any nomination of an individual for elections should:

a)      Include the written consent of the nominee by signed or electronic signature; 

b)      Be submitted to cricketcanada@gmail.com by May 14, 2016.

The positions up for elections are as follows:

·         President

·         Vice President

·         Secretary

·         Two (2) Directors at Large

Mon, 03/21/2016

Cricket Canada Annual General Meeting (AGM) concluded in Vancouver, BC over the weekend with all provincial delegates present in attendance. It was another successful and a very productive meeting with many fruitful discussions. Strategic decisions and key initiatives were taken to move Cricket in Canada forward.

It was unanimously agreed upon by directors to postpone the general elections that were to happen on Sunday March 20th; to be deferred for another 60 days. The decision was taken to maintain the transparency and communication in the election process to make it a seamless transition for all stakeholders. It was also decided unanimously that the existing board of directors will continue in their respective positions in the interim.

Thank you for your continued support and encouragement, we are looking forward to a successful year for Cricket in Canada in 2016. More updates on the elections to follow on our Website & Social media.